How to Make Flowers Last Longer – Pro Tips

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Do you know what the most common question customers ask florists? 

- How long will the flowers last? 

Today we will try to answer everyone's question in this article, as well as share tips for the care of flowers.

Flowers' lifespan depends on proper care. Provided that proper care is given most flowers should last for about 7-10 days. For the convenience of our customers, we enclose care instructions for all fresh flowers.  

  1. The first and most important and basic thing that determines the lifetime of flowers is the cleanliness of the water in a vase. It needs to be changed at least once every two days, and each time you change the water, trim the ends of the stems on 1-2 cm, and add flower food, which comes with our flowers. When mixing this nutrient it's very important to follow the dosage, because adding too much of it can only shorten the life of the flowers. 
  2. The second rule is to place the bouquet in a cool place without drafts, away from heaters, as well as avoid direct sunlight. It is not recommended to put fruits and vegetables near the fresh flowers, as they can release various gases that will have a damaging effect on the buds. 

But even respecting these rules we can't forget about nature itself, because, unfortunately, some of everyone's favorite flowers can not live long in cut form. Peonies, for example, are well-loved but often only last a few days.

Now that we have told you the basics of flower care, we would like to share some tips that florists use. 

  1. If you bought flowers as a gift and are planning to present them the next day, you can put them in the refrigerator to prolong the life of the flowers. The temperature should be about 3-5 °C. Do not forget to remove all fruits and vegetables from the fridge.
  2. One of the most popular summer flowers is Hydrangea. And based on its name, it is pretty clear that it is very fond of water. That's why it is a good idea to periodically sprinkle the water directly on the petals of this flower. This way it will help it to stay fresh and make you enjoy it for longer than usual. This flower can also be revitalized by placing the whole thing in clean room temperature water and leaving it in it for several hours.
  3. If you received a bunch of peonies as a present but one flower does not want to open, we recommend putting it in hot water and a warm place. As in all biological systems, the respiration of cut flowers increases with increasing temperature, so the rate of its aging - flowering increases.
  4. If you bought loose flowers and want to assemble a bouquet yourself, be sure to check the flowers for compatibility. This is because some flowers, such as daffodils and poppies, release sap that is toxic to other flowers. To reduce damage, these are trimmed to the proper length first, and then the ends of the stems are treated with fire, which clogs the pores.
  5. Some flowers keep growing even after they have been cut. For example, anemones and tulips continue to grow and consume large amounts of water every day. 
So now, you have enough tips in your collection to help you keep your next bouquet much longer. And if you have any tips that are not on our list, or practices on how you can extend flower life, please email us. We're pretty sure everyone would be interested in learning about them.

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