Weddings are unique occasions where all the particular details come together to create a charming memory. In our opinion, the flowers are a vital part of the wedding day.

Currently, we are pleased to offer you flowers only for small weddings or elopements.

Among our services:

Bridal bouquet

Small size – From $150

Regular size – From $225

Each bridal bouquet by METAFLORIST is made in a signature, loose, and very romantic style. It is completed with color matching ribbon (cascading ribbon is available for an extra cost); you will be able to choose the color from available options. The bouquet will come with a glass vase to keep the flowers fresh all day long. 


From $25

The boutonniere will be designed using a delicate, small bud and textured foliage to complement the flowers and colors of the bridal bouquet.

Flower crown

Simple or one sided - $75

Full - $100

Flower crown is always a nice addition to bride and bridesmaid look. It will be also a great choice for the bachelorette party or a photo shoot. It will be completed with color matching ribbon of your bridal bouquet.


Pin-on style – From $35

Bracelet style – From $50

Each corsage is unique and if ordering several, they may slightly vary. All corsages will be completed with matching the bridal bouquet ribbon.

Bridesmaid bouquet

From $100

The bridesmaid’s bouquet will be designed using same flowers and foliage to complement the flowers and colors of the bridal bouquet.

Please note: We are taking orders for two bridal bouquets max at this time.

Cake flowers

From $35

Flowers for your wedding cake will be complimenting the color palette and the style of the entire event’s florals.


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