Cool or warm?

We do love to play with colors, while making our bouquets and arrangements. Every single designer studies color theory and so do florists.
In our floral shop, we think that the color palette is one of the most important parts in design, because it creates the first impression. When you receive flowers, firstly you see the colors, if they are comfortable and delightful. Then your eyes catch your favorite flowers, i.e. if there are any gorgeous peonies or stunning ranunculus in the bouquet. After these two impression stages comes our favorite one. It is when a person starts to discover flowers one by one and notice details. They notice little cute blooms and google the names of the unknown flowers and foliage.

We have noticed that people of different age groups prefer different colors. When ordering for youth, people stick with soft palettes and choose white, soft pink and soft purple colors. We try to keep these bouquets tender and delicate. For middle age people we would recommend ordering flowers in joyful and rich colors. The best ones are – red, purple or yellow, and of course the classics – the white and green bouquet.

We have a variety of soft and bright, cool and warm designs that you can choose from, but if you did not find the perfect one, we would be so happy to create a unique color scheme and play with flowers to arrange the beauty for you. Just call or email us.

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