Should You Bring Flowers On A Date

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In our era, where everyone is in a constant hurry, we gradually got used to the fact that the world began to spin at an unimaginable speed. We began to prefer drive-throughs for breakfast, streaming platforms for movies, and, of course, Tinder for dating. In this unwillingness to waste precious time on something that will not bring any benefits, we began to pay little attention to the pleasant tiny things to lift our spirits.

At least holidays help us not to turn into robots, bring families together and fill the days with joyful moments. It is the holidays that help us not to lose our humanity and feel that care for our loved ones. Flowers are a staple of any holiday, whether it is February 14 when we celebrate love - Valentine's Day, or whether we look for a gift for the beloved mum on Mother's Day; or when we need to order a bouquet for a grandmother on her birthday. The answer to all of these questions will be the same - buying flowers. And yes, we've all dealt with that.

However, should we give flowers on a first date?

Oddly enough for the florist, our answer to this question will be No. Nevertheless, if you are choosing flowers for a girl you have been dating for quite a long time and it is not your first date, then you will find the answer to this question below.
As we said earlier, flowers are nice little things that lift the mood and make a positive impression. However, when choosing a bouquet, you need to consider the most important thing - the personal preferences of the recipient. Imagine that you come on a date with a bouquet of white lilies, and a girl that you like only enjoys flowers in pots and absolutely cannot tolerate cut flowers, or she is allergic to them.
Some women who are too serious about the symbolism of flowers and having received a bouquet of red roses on the first date may perceive it as a grand gesture meaning overly serious intentions of the beau. Thus, you only put you both in an awkward situation and spoil the first impression of yourself.
A good option would be to order flowers for delivery to her place the day after the date, so you extend the pleasant aftertaste and let them know you are interested in continuing growing your relationship.
Before you choose flowers, do not forget to find out about her preferences. It is not necessary to ask directly. You can do a little investigation on her social networks. Check her Instagram feed: look for the florists she is subscribed to, and find out her flower and color preferences, or ask her friends about what her favorite flowers are.
When you know your future girlfriend a bit better, and plan to bring the flowers to the date, you should consider the following. First, know exactly where the date will take place. If you are planning an active date or a long walk in the park, you should not bring a large bouquet. You can, as an option, leave the arrangement in the car and give it when you see her home.
If you plan a romantic dinner at a restaurant or go to the girl's home, it makes sense to take flowers with you. We recommend choosing an arrangement in a vase. It will cause fewer worries about finding a vase for flowers.
Speaking of color preferences, most often people prefer to give their beloved flowers in soft shades in the first months of the relationship, such as blush, lavender, peach and white. You can give preference to a passionate red color or bright mixed flower seasonal bouquet if you’ve been in the relationship for quite a while.
We talked a lot about how to choose flowers on a date for a girl, but what about men? Do men get flowers for a date? Since most men are pragmatic people and treat flowers coldly, find out about his attitude towards flowers in general. According to our statistics, men prefer bouquets with tropical flowers and dried arrangements. We also do not recommend giving flowers to a man on a first date, before you know each other better.


Let's sum up about how to choose flowers for a date:

  1. On a first date, it is best to skip a floral gift
  2. Order flowers with delivery the day after the date to express your interest
  3. When choosing flowers for your partner, do research on flower and color preferences
  4. Don't buy flowers if you have an active date planned.
  5. If you are going on a date to the house or a restaurant, choose an arrangement in a vase.
  6. The most popular choices at the beginning of a relationship are flowers in delicate shades, while in a long-term relationship it’s flowers in bright and red palettes.

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