What Flowers are Best to Send for Christmas?

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Christmas is the number one family holiday of the year, and everyone in the family, from toddlers to grandparents, looks forward to it. The main symbol of the holiday for many decades has of course been the traditional live Christmas tree, which fills the whole house with its fragrance and creates an atmosphere of celebration. However, in recent times, artificial Christmas trees have gained popularity and replaced live ones. Besides, nowadays many people live in apartment buildings, where it is often prohibited to have live fir trees. This is one of the main reasons why holiday arrangements have become so popular lately, as they complement the atmosphere of a decorated home with traditional winter scents.

First, let's discuss the contents of Christmas arrangements, their types, and popular color schemes. The essential and distinctive feature of such arrangements is the presence of coniferous greenery. We prefer to use local greenery, such as cedar and different types of fir and pine. To add a festive mood, the arrangements are decorated with elements such as pine cones, Christmas balls, candles, cotton, ribbons and glowing bulbs. Roses top the list of the most popular flowers used in arrangements, followed by carnations, freesias and chrysanthemums. It is impossible not to mention the most popular winter berries - ilex, which come in two colors: red and orange.

Some types of arrangements include arrangements in a pot (vase or box) and arrangements in a plastic tray. Potted arrangements are usually not large. They would look great on a coffee table, bedside table, in the kitchen on the countertop or near the TV. If you want an arrangement that takes up the prime spot in the middle of the holiday table, or if you want to decorate a fireplace, you're better off with an arrangement in a tray. Typically, such arrangements are large, have an all-around orientation, and are a so-called showstopper of the holiday, as they are decorated with a lot of flowers and ornaments.

Speaking of colors, the first things that come to mind are, of course, the traditional red and gold, red and white (candy cane forever!), and white and silver. We respect traditions and always create arrangements in these palettes. Recently, we've noticed that people tend to choose not only traditional colors, but also request arrangements according to the recipients' interiors or personal preferences.

Why give flowers for Christmas and the New Year?

December is one of the coldest months of the year, and everything is shrouded in snow or sinking in mud (I'm looking forward to White Christmas this year!). But how awesome is it when you can lift the spirits of a loved one by giving them a vibrant impression? Christmas arrangements, with proper care, last much longer than usual, as they are oftentimes made of only spruce branches, with no flowers at all, or using long-lasting flowers. The colors of such arrangements are always cheerful and create a festive mood, they can easily fit into any interior and will delight the recipients with their unusual design.

Who is it appropriate to give flowers for the winter holidays?

Employees often receive flowers during the winter holidays from their employers. Christmas is a perfect occasion to show how much you appreciate the work of your subordinates and send them bouquets or arrangements in the company's colors. This gift will be greatly appreciated among the staff, as it is crucial for everyone to feel valued in the company, and a floral gift from the management is the best gesture for this.
When choosing a Christmas gift for a person who has everything, be sure to pay attention to flowers. That type of people value attention from their loved ones much more than the cost of the gift. You can show how you care by choosing a winter arrangement in their favorite colors.
Flowers are extremely popular among the older generation, which is why your grandparents will be on cloud nine from happiness when they get flowers from their grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Such a gift will not just fill the house with winter scents and create comfort, but will also remind them of your boundless love, and that they are an important part of your life. Flowers will especially please seniors who live in retirement homes. As we mentioned earlier, Christmas conifer arrangements are very easy to care for.
If you are invited to a Christmas gathering, it would be a good gesture to bring a small gift to the hosts, and winter arrangement will be perfect for this. It will not be too obliging, and will not put the hosts in an awkward position. On the contrary, it will add coziness and leave a good impression about you in the eyes of your friends or relatives.

Should you give flowers to your date for Christmas and New Year?

When your relationship is in its infancy, or you just started living together, your thoughts are constantly occupied with them. You seek the ways to please your loved one and show your feelings. A lover picks gifts on holidays with special awe, that’s why it could be a nice touch to complement your Christmas gift with flowers. Most often, they choose arrangements with candles, because they create a special romantic mood in the house. If we talk about flowers, men usually receive arrangements in a classic white and silver colors, and women - the passionate red and pink arrangements.
In our modern world, when time flows so fast that sometimes there are not enough 24 hours in a day to finish all things, there is often no time to tell your loved ones how much we appreciate them. So don't miss a moment when you can be together and spend these winter holidays with the most important people in your life. Flowers, amazing and flawless nature's creations, will help you in expressing your feelings.


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