METAFLORIST is a unique floral studio, which is distinguished by its authenticity and originality among other florists. Our goal is not just to surprise customers with design and create something new:

"Our mission is to show younger generations that it is trendy to give flowers, that giving flowers can be affordable, that an arrangement as a gift is not a luxury, but a wonderful addition to delight a special person."

We follow all latest trends in the world of floristry, while leaving room for creativity. We love to invent something new and to draw inspiration from diverse spheres of life around us.

We believe that our creativity is very recognizable because we love to use interesting grasses, dried and exotic flowers, even the well-known roses in our hands found a new look. Each bouquet and composition is an artistic journey, we create them just as artists and sculptors master their creations, refining every detail.

The uniqueness of our floral studio is that we offer customers a completely new kind of service, which is not provided by our competitors. We know that customers feel the greatest disappointment when they see one bouquet on the website, and eventually, due to the substitution policy, totally different flowers are delivered to the recipient. This injustice has pushed us to the idea that we need to let our customers to pick and receive a particular bouquet with particular flowers they paid for. To fulfill this concept, we start every day with the creation of fresh flower displays, so that by 10 am customers can make their choice and purchase the desired flowers.

METAFLORIST is a woman-owned business and we are very proud to carry this banner. Fortunately, in today's society, the foundations of woman's status have started to evolve and we are pleased to have grasped these trends. We also try to support other women in our business and you can find cooperation offers in the Join our Team section. We will gladly sell complementary products through our website and support other small businesses, because we know that we can change the world by holding hands.

Maria, the owner of METAFLORIST:

"Since my childhood, I have always been fascinated by art; I loved drawing and other forms of creative work. At school I realized that I had a passion for mathematics, social sciences and languages, which eventually led me to choose a profession in finance. However, my childhood dreams of art took over and while studying abroad, in Germany, I decided to have a go and took a course on art theory. I was so passionate about this subject that I started drawing again and decided that my calling is to create beauty.
While gaining experience in floristry, I absorbed the best of various European florists. After moving to Canada and the maternity leave, I had a feeling that the flowers were calling me to start creating again. I worked in some of the best florist shops in Vancouver and learned about the North American style. Eventually, after we moved to Ontario, I realized it was time for me to give back. With the support of my family, I started my own floristry business where I try to embody the best I have been able to absorb, show myself through the prism of modern trends, bring something new and set an example for others.
When I opened the business, I realized this was a unique chance for me to discover new fields and to develop myself in them. It was a special pleasure to create our website and brand identity. I invented the concept and brought it to life, designed cards, flyers and banners for our website. I have always been inspired by Futurist Era, which is my favorite, and the art of the early 20th century, this eventually reflected in the overall design concept. It was very interesting to play with this style, as the combination of bright colors and simple shapes was a challenge for me, as a person who is used to working with natural curved lines and a wide range of shades.
I am very proud to be able to work in an area that helps to give people positive emotions and all my efforts are aimed at making our customers and recipients happier. I believe that flowers make us kinder to ourselves and others, that it is why it is so important to give and share positive emotions. It is the ability to take care of loved ones and to support them in time of need that makes us human. I hope that METAFLORIST will help you to make this world a little kinder.”
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